Program structure

The program structure consists of three main components, to be taken during the 2 years program duration:

  • core courses,
  • electives,
  • master project/thesis.

The core courses establish the necessary background and a common competence level, and the elective courses build upon the core. The cast of electives is aimed at addressing the specific field of information and infrastructure security and dependability. The master project and associated thesis will consist on the application of the knowledge acquired to a concrete situation/problem. Overall, the following courses have to be completed:

  • 1st year: 4 core courses (24 ECTS); 4 restrictive electives (24 ECTS); 2 free elective (12 ECTS);
  • 2nd year: Guided Study in Information Security (6 ECTS); Dissertation/Project in Information Security (54 ECTC). 

Detailed and up to date information concerning the program structure, with the lists of restrictive and free electives, can be found here.